The “Santa Maria” cottage was already being employed as a farmhouse in the eighteenth century. The cottage fills 600 square metres. It is surrounded by a fertile garden, a vegetable-garden, a swimming-pool and a beautiful hilly landscape. Love for the rural tradition stems from the local respect of the surrounding habitat. The cottage made of a strong stone structure, with an oven for baking bread. There is also a room with a substantial fireplace for the long winter nights and other caracteristic features of a traditional Umbrian country house.


The bedrooms, which maintain the original structure of wooden roof holdings, floor panels, plugs in silk and butterfly porcelain switches, original window frames, are all endowed with views and bathrooms.
Words are lacking to describe this hamlet which has survived so long and has witnessed so many stories.
You can smell the past between the walls of this hamlet , you can see it on the features, and observe it in both private and in common spaces.
There, one finds the fruit of the intelligent as well as affectionate work exercised by those who wanted to conserve the spirit of an old country house.
A serene and safe refuge nestled in the Umbrian hills.

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