We have bows and arrows that we give in endowment to the guests. At our training ground you can take your first steps in this fascinating sport.
For those who would like to improve their technique, it is possible to attend specific courses and to be provided with the necessary equipment.
There is an archery centre in Perugia, which can supply you with all the information and equipment that you need for the practice of this ancient sport.


The Agrincontri offers the natural park’s scenery of hills, fields, forest and the animals that populate it. There are lots of wild animals, such as deers, wild boars, wild sheep…

You can see the animals only at particular times of the day, in places that are part of their favourite routes because of food and rest.

It is best to observe these animals in their own habitat with a pair of binoculars, a camera and lot of patience.
You can set off with a guide early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Of course, walking on foot, in silence, willingly to assist to a natural and timeless scenery.

You can bump into a wild sheep that is crossing the road or that might lie down on the grass with the illusion of not being seen.

You can also wait in little wooden cottages where you can wait for the animals to come out from the forest to begin their long nocturnal eating of grass.
After a trembling wait you can see the animals coming out from the dense trees. The head herd starts to browse.
Later, in springtime, you can see the puppies remaining at the back of the forest, ready to run away at the mother’s first signal, or playing and running in the large green expanse of the plains. There are so many animals, always drinking water, eating and lying down on the grass.
If you are lucky, you could assist one of the most beautiful scenes: a mother with its puppy, an adult deer raising its stately head, the playing of the lams. The use of a camera will immortalize this moment.
When it ‘s time to go back, you can undertake a path through fields and woods. After this long walk, your appetite will soon be satisfied by a good honest meal at the Agrincontri..


You are free to choose, if you would like, to play tennis in the stillness of the forest, or if you would like to refresh yourself in the swimming pool and after, if desired, have something to drink. Otherwise, during the coldest moths, you also have the opportunity to sit near the fire-place whilst tasting a glass of wine or reading a book or even just talking with some friends …There are lots of different ways to spend your time in the countryside and everybody is free to choose the activity that suits he or she most. Here is some advice:
for those who are more relax-minded, there is nothing better than lying in a hammock in the shadow of an oak-tree. Otherwise, if you are armed with a fishing-rod and hook you can venture to our lake, which is full of carp and other varieties of fish.
For those who have a more sportive spirit, there are activities like archery and mountain biking. And for those who are well trained they can try to ride a mountain bike to Montecastello di Vibio where you can visit the smallest theatre of the world…

Our desire is to offer you the chance to feel free in choosing the best way to relax, whichever method you choose.
We put at your disposal all our services, you have only to show the desire to use them. The freedom to choose what and when you want to do something is a factor that is common to all holidays. The following are suggestions of places to visit and other things to do away from the Agrincontri.

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