You are free to choose, if you would like, to play tennis in the stillness of the forest, or if you would like to refresh yourself in the swimming pool and after, if desired, have something to drink. Otherwise, during the coldest moths, you also have the opportunity to sit near the fire-place whilst tasting a glass of wine or reading a book or even just talking with some friends

There are lots of different ways to spend your time in the countryside and everybody is free to choose the activity that suits he or she most. Here is some advice:
for those who are more relax-minded, there is nothing better than lying in a hammock in the shadow of an oak-tree. Otherwise, if you are armed with a fishing-rod and hook you can venture to our lake, which is full of carp and other varieties of fish.
For those who have a more sportive spirit, there are activities like archery and mountain biking. And for those who are well trained they can try to ride a mountain bike to Montecastello di Vibio where you can visit the smallest theatre of the world...

pesca sportiva

Our desire is to offer you the chance to feel free in choosing the best way to relax, whichever method you choose.
We put at your disposal all our services, you have only to show the desire to use them. The freedom to choose what and when you want to do something is a factor that is common to all holidays. The following are suggestions of places to visit and other things to do away from the Agrincontri.

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