At the Agrincontri, dinner attempts to recreate and conserve ancient recipes. The secret lies in using genuine fresh produce and, of course, having the company of good friends so that you can supplement your stomach as well as your mind.

The family-run kitchen uses only home-made products taken from our vegetable-garden and farm. On the table, you can taste the products from the forest, herbs from the fields, as well as wild asparagus picked by ourselves.
Where our own products do not suffice, we use products, which are carefully selected from other local companies. The wine comes from a little family vineyard, which uses Sangiovese Cabernet Sauvignon grapes of a family called Busti di S. Elena from Marsciano (a little market town 15km away). The pork and cheese is bought from local producers, bovine meat from franers in Chianina, whilst the seasonal fruit and vegetables comes from other nearby producers.
Our menù is therefore extremely simple, a result of traditional rural cooking, inspired by products which come directly from the fields

Here are some of our typical dishes:

As starters you will find ham, cold deer slices, cold wild boar meat, Umbrian pecorino cheese, pork and game, sausages grain and tomato salads, different types of bruschetta, Italian-style toad-in-the hole, cold meats, bacon with tomatoes and basil, focaccine pizza and pizzas cooked in wooden ovens.

The first course usually consists of fresh pasta. There are typical ragù sauces, pappardelle pasta with boar, rabbit or pheasant sauces, cherry tomato sauces, spicy sauces, truffle and mushroom based sauces. All have typical ingredients, such as vegetables, ricotta cheese and peppes, thrown in.
Soups are not lacking: ribollita soup, acquacotta soup, povera soup. And during winter, there is also polenta with many diverse sauces and, in addition, frequently on Sundays lasagne or ravioli is served..

As main dishes meat predominates. From guinea fowl to wild boar, without forgetting veal, beef, pork, chicken, deer and others, there are numerous techniques used to cook and prepare the dish. Stews, roasts, grills, rolls or delicate sauces composed of local ingredients such as truffle, olives and herbs are offered.

All are accompanied by seasonal vegetables: salads, tomatoes, beans, aubergines, potaotes, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower moulds, omelettes.

What has been described can be better appreciated when accompanied by a good Umbrian wine. To conclude, delicious homemade desserts or fresh fruit is provided.

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